I See Bright Sandy Beaches.

IMMMMMM BACKKK! Ok so big plans and even bigger hurdles to jump over. As you guys know, I had started interning for my uncles tailor shop, and it actually turned into a paying job (yay for money), and even though I do kind of love it, I must say that I need (and want) more I need to venture out of this country and travel and study (and lets be serious for a moment, be FAB-U-LOUS old me).

My brother went to a collage fair a few months back, and found out about this amazing collage in Australia, and then suddenly the making of plans began. The plan was his best friend, him, and I were going to move to Australia, and you know just become smart, tan, and beautiful, but of course everything changed (we make plans and God laughs) my brother is no longer going to study in Australia, and neither is his best friend. So that leaves me all by my lonesome to conquer the land down under (yes I did just say that ... I know ... I know)

If everything works out fine (Please God) I will be leaving in April, and you know I laugh at the thought of me by myself in this airport with 8 bags of luggage that roughly weigh 3 times me, lost, and alone. I am excited at the moment, but will probably be stressed beyond reason when it actually happens (I mean really). So wish me good luck, as I take on new people (hopefully fabulous), places (hopefully fabulous), and new challenges in general (definitely fabulous).

This is just a catch up post, bringing you (whoever that is) back into my life and giving you an update so you can laugh, and cry with me (Not really). Also I will try to post a lot more now; I mean I only posted two things in all of October (SHAMEFUL! I have no idea how Bryan Boy does it). So welcome back people into this my outlet. Enjoy the ride, because it’s usually a bumpy, but fun one.

*Toodles, Double Kiss*

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