saw some fashion shows on FTV

The first one that I saw was Matthew Williamson ... I loved it it was fall winter 2010 .. and all I can say is that his dresses are impecable !! I loved them all they were mostly draped but he used great colors I also liked most of his jakets he had sort of like poncho things ... but with like fur at teh top which I really liked thats all I have to say about him .. pure genuis his things were very waerable ... I congragalate you Mr. Matthew Williamson.
Then I went on to Mr.Jonh Rocha I did not really love him his color pallet was rather bland just had blacks whites and skin tones ... and lets face it why woul you want to wear something that makes you look like your naked .. of course it was fall winter 2010 and I guess black goes, but i think that Mr.Rocha over did it a bit there is no outfit that I loved .... not much to say about his collection becuase it was rather dull to me.
Kinder Aggugini his name is freaking hard to spell I can tell you that another thing that I can tell you is that he is crazy ... Funny thing at first I did not know if it was a boy or a girl jijiji ... and the end of the fashion show when he came out I found out he was a boy .. but that is a wierd name ... ok W.E. I really only liked his skinny jeans .. that you can really get anywhere so that does not make much of a difference .... I did like one dress but that was it .. i really did not like you at all .. maybe you are just not my style .. but idk .. i just really did NOT like it !!!

So we know that Matthew Williamson is great !!! loved his skirts and dresses also really loved the colors and textures that he used I loved the fur poncjo thngy also ...... Jhon Rocha liked something not all .. and the color palat was bland just saw blacks, whites and skin tones .. there were something that I like though...... Kinder Aggugini did not like one thing no JK I liked his skinny jeans and one dress did not really like his style at all

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