Valencia. Go Like.

Remember that post from a while ago, where I admitted (I love how I make that sound like it’s a crime or something) that I had joined the working class. Well as every good intern does, when I started out a few weeks ago I did a bit of everything/nothing. 

That is until last week, when I was given an actual assignment. Now what shall my first task at Valencia be? I have to help them make their interweb (oh yeah I used that word) imprint larger. So you may be asking yourself why this post? I mean we don’t really care about what goes on in your personal life blogger person. (Thank you for reminding me you kind Sr. in the back) That is/may be true, but I am writing this post because I need your help.

I mean I have sent everyone and their mother, invitations to go like Valencia's Facebook page, and it has actually worked, but like any ambitious power hungry intern will tell you, I want more! All you have to do? Click HERE and like that page.

That is all session over please and thank you.



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