The Working Class

Yes it is 9:04, and yes I am unabashedly tired/dead, why? You might ask you are a 17 year old boy your nights should be starting at 9:00. That is very true random curious person, but I just recently joined the working class of Colombian society. (Yeah .. I know me? .. me? Yeah)

My dear (really estranged until a few years ago) uncle is a tailor, and coincidently a very important one here (bragging rights: He makes suits for the president and others) so I am starting out as a paid intern and just helping out with whatever I can. Waking up at 6 A.M. and returning at 5 or 6 PM is like death on a stick, but thankfully I love fashion so I am so amazed with everything I have to do (yes even picking up random scraps of fabric from the floor)

So yes I am tired, but happy, because BITCH THIS IS FASHION, YOU BETTAH BE READY TO BLEED FOR IT!


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