The Cleaning Fairy

I usually only write about fashion related subjects in this my cyberspace home, but I couldn't ignore this cray story.

So A 53 year old Ohio woman was arrested Tuesday night for breaking into a house, the women didn't steal anything or do anything bad, really, all she did was break into a random house, cleaned something’s here and there, and then left a bill for 75$ with a phone number and an address. 

WTF, can you imagine waking up, and finding this bill, and then thinking that someone was in your house during the night and you didn't notice. I would move and/or make my house a fortress either way ain't no cleaning fairy coming in HEA! 

I mean ...

(really hoping the lady was white right now. Oh well if she wasn't just replace the white with whatever ethnicity she happened to be. Is this racist? Ugh I never know if it is or not, I'll just leave now)

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