Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2012

The fact that this collection was shown at a skating rink while the models skated around is just beyond. I love this collection, because it insures me that one can truly be very well dressed everywhere. I mean I love sheer floor length skirts, but if you are actually going to go somewhere freezing for winter those aren't your best option. Moncler Grenoble gives you luxurious fabulous options so you don't just have to put on everything you find in your suitcase.

by the way, Lacoste was really good at this too. If you are headed some where really cold all you need is some Moncler Grenoble and some Lacoste. #Trust

Both collections were pretty amazing at mixing utility and fashion.

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  1. モンクレールは世界中でもっとも人気なブランド品です!デザインは独特性でモダンとクラシックを持っている魅力があります!!今、ちょうど秋冬になるんですから、おしゃれなモンクレール ジャケットは今間違いなし選択です。完売必至!人気満点のトンクサンダル!それに素足に合わせてエレガントなスタイルを楽しめる!全体的にバランスが良いです。履くと急にファッション感が溢れています。セレブ感も高いです。

  2. There comes the wintter,we provide moncler jackets for kids to help your children to keep warm,as we known, the children is not so strong as adults!


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