Prabal Gurung Fall/Winter 2012

Through Parabal Gurung's tour of wicked blacks, pearly whites, and a pit-stop at blues. I got off and wandered around the wicked blacks, made a stop at some of the blues, and made a quick last minute stop at one white outfit. This collection much like his SS 2012 collection was quite amazing, but the black portion of his collection was my favorite, I sort of loved the fact that he embraced Riccardo Tisci when in the blue faze of the collection.

Prabal kept some the sheerness of his SS 2012 collection which I loved. Although I loved his embrace of Riccardo Tisci I must add that, the fact he did embrace another designers idea in this collection, rather than making me think he is someone who can't come up with ideas on his own it makes me excited for his next collection, how amazing is that going to be? with his own voice and point of view! I'M EXCITED!

How amazing is the hat in the first picture, ugh I DIE!

P.S. Pictures from Vogue

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