My London Fashion Week Recap

I know, I know I have totally abandoned my poor blog these last days. Which I mean I shouldn't be sorry for or whatever since it is my blog, but its like my baby I want/have to feed it. You know when people are parents and at first they are all like OMG the miracle of birth, and then its like ughhh this baby doesn't stop crying and its hungry all the time. Yeah that's what I was/have been going through with my blog. I usually yearn to blog about something/anything, but these days I have just been super lazy. So even though I don't have to I will apologize to my blog because I REALLY DO LOVE YOU BABY! And to the people who read my blog for not updating it during such an important period of time for fashion.

Now that most everyone who read that is confused I shall go onto the real reason behind this post. LFW to me isn't THAT amazing or interesting so I just sort of see the shows I love and ignore the rest. I didn't see too many shows this time around my favorite ones were the Antonio Berardi F/W 2012 collection and the Burberry F/W 2012 show.

How amazing were those skirts at Antonio Berardi? and the fact that Burberry always innovates, but makes everything so wearable is one of the main reasons why I love it. Favorite collections of LFW.

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