Dior Fall/Winter 2012

This collection has gotten lots of mixed reviews, I thought it was an OK collection I mean I can't deny that it had lots of pretty pieces, but it was just that PRETTY, nothing else. Fashion is about being bold and breathtaking, not about being "pretty". The collection was very Dior, but I want to see Bill Gaytten's style and eye intertwined with Dior's heritage, not just a rehash of what we already know Dior's known for.

ughhh I am so glad that the fashion show ended with Karlie! her walk is just perfection, I actually want her to take her time down the runway. And don't you just love that random guy that stands up at the end ready to go thinking that its over and then has to run back to his seat because Bill Gaytten was coming. oh the joys of fashion shows.

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