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I love it when the people over at fashionista posts these amazing/hair raising intern stories on their website. I like to read them just to sort of know what I am in for when I do intern, but I have noticed, and I've actually also heard from quite a few people that internships always start off with people that are all like YaY! I love fashion, and then out of those 10 only 3 stick around and those final sacred 3 are then actually trusted with more responsibilities (hopefully). Plus internships are for either learning and acquiring skills that are going to be necessary in your field of work or hoping for a job to open up for you where you are interning at.

I have never interned, and I am SURE that there must exist some internships that make the Devil Wears Prada look like a children's book, but if you really love it and you are sure that this internship will lead to bigger, brighter, better things then STICK WITH IT! If you invest time and hard work into anything people will tell and they will want to help you because they see that you take whatever it is that you are doing as serious as they take it.

Now if you hate the place you are interning at and you don't really like the industry anyway what the fuck are you doing? Get out and find some meaning to your life, but if not then really try to stick with it, and if you definitely just cant well then ask your friends for reviews from places that they have interned at and look for the one the you most want or that most fits you.

Moral of the post, internships can lead to amazing things and skills so try to stick with what ever internship you land.

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