Model Struggles

I think model's have one of the most amazing jobs ever, getting to walk around in amazing clothes, and then being paid in clothes is pretty amazing. But nothing that is that amazing usually comes easy, models have to run from show to show be on time, then walk the runway, then run to another show, take pictures, go to events its sort of a lot.

I must admit though that whilst I admire models for all the hard work that they do, I do have one guilty pleasure, and that's when models have to walk down the runway in impossible designer heels. I know I know its horrible, but I just .... I cant, and it must suck for that model when they start to wobble in front of stylist, editors, random famous people etc, but its so hilarious/awkward.


But do not fear dear models if it has happened to Lindsey Wixson it can happen to you. YOU SHALL OVERCOME AND SURVIVE.

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