I Look Best in a Bikini and a Tan

I had been seeing this girl ALL over my tumblr dashboard, I had no idea who she was all I knew was that she had the most perfect hair, that's beauty increased as her skin charged under the sun.

 A couple days ago I saw a picture of her that had "Valeria" written under it so I went on Google Images and looked for Valeria/model/beach and eventually found her. Yes she is a model (thank the Lord) and I don't know if most of her jobs are with swimwear lines or what, because this girl is ALWAYS at the beach! Not that I blame her, with skin like that and her body ummmm she should get paid to go to the beach.

So for your viewing pleasure here is Valeria Sokolova (Yeah Russian) doing what she does best looking impeccable sporting nothing else than a bikini her long amazing hair and a tan.


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  1. saaame! I had her all over my dash too and omg she's like perfection. Her body is just to die for..I wish mine was like that. But looks like she has skinny fat and not muscle...so no food. But that's not worth it imo :) x


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