St. Louis, Missouri is the Place to be.

When I laid eyes upon this post my heart literally started racing, I mean fashion editors, models, socialites, and yes even royalty prancing around in cowboy/cowgirl attires? ugh yes please! I mean there is a picture of Giovanna Battaglia eating pizza! Pizza! Eating it like a lady none the less, but still, its always nice to be reminded that the people that we see at fashion week are in fact human and not just some fashion droid powered by nothing other than fashion, fabulousness, and champagne.

How over the top would this have been if Bryan boy and Anna Dello Russo were there? I DIE!

Here are some pictures that the party goers uploaded to different social media platforms (yeah I'm serious like that)

The last picture of Harry and Peter Brant with Karlie made my night! You have to admit these people are fabulous even in full out cowboy outfits somewhere in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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