Its Michelle Harper Darling

After observing someone's street-style for a few seasons and noticing that I am completely infatuated I find myself wanting to know every little detail about them. Michelle Harpar has always stuck out to me, but I really only recently became obsessed. I as any other "star struck" teen scoured the internet to try to find out more about this woman who is so obviously passionate for fashion.

These are some of the scraps I got together. (If any of this information is fake, just inform me I will take it down)

She was born in Born in Columbia (in 1978), but was raised in New York and Europe. She attended the Lycée Français de New York, the Spence school, Aiglon College in Switzerland, and NYU’s fine arts program. Her past work experiences include interning and employment at the MoMA, Malborough Gallery, MUSE Film and Television, and VMS Associates. She is the co-founder of a multi-million dollar multi brand cosmetics holding company, CB LLC. As if that weren’t enough she is also passionate about Philanthropy and a constant fixture on the New York social scene, eat your heart out Olivia Palermo! (jk girl you know I love you)

Yeah, I know what you're thinking (or at least what you should be thinking) are those the Brant brothers posing with her in the fifth picture? Ummm yeah that’s them, and everyone knows that once you are friendly with Shala Monroque, the Brant siblings, and Anna Dello Russo your life is pretty much complete (although I must say that Anna Wintour and Lauren and Tatiana Santo Domingo are missing from my "people to be seen with" list, but oh well)

Now that you know how perfect her life is, the green monster inside named envy might be taking over right now, but bear with me a tad bit longer before you totally trash your house and sit on its ashes as you ponder why you don’t have Miss Harper's life (I’m not dramatic at all). If you don’t adore her style that is perfectly fine, but you should at least adore her for loving fashion and being brave enough to wear what she likes, because sometimes you are even too scared to wear the things you love because you don’t know what people are going to say.

I love this quote from an interview she gave, I totally agree with it. 

What’s your golden style rule?
"Use style as a means of personal expression and improvement. It should never make you feel bad like you don't have enough, or you're not on trend enough, that you're not good enough. Fashion should make you feel strong, happy and good." 

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