Karl, Marie, Versailles, and Me

Ugh see this is why I love this man he just makes anything completely possible. Our dear Karl Lagerfeld has decided that the Palace of Versailles would be the perfect stage for Chanel's next big production also known as  the 2013 Resort collection, the show shall be presented on the 14 of May, but not much else is known at the moment.

Ummmmm yes I mean I guess the Palace of Versailles is adequate for Chanel's Resort collection. I might just go to the show, you know, hop on an air plane dripping in Chanel, watch the show, mingle with the guests at the palace, lay on Marie Antoinette's bed ughh yes sounds delightful. (Please, book everything for me assistant.)

How excited are you for this collection? I mean really? When a collection is going to be presented at the place where  the French royal family ruled in extravagance for 100 years, the only thing that should come to mind is sheer and divine excess! Ugh May 14 can't come soon enough.  SO EXCITED!

P.S. Im addicted to gifs at the moment if you cant tell.

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