Mr. Posen Becomes Her

Sometimes I’m not sure about Coco Rocha, I love her at times, and then moments later I find myself wondering why it was that I loved her at all. Although my opinion on her can be quite fickle I think one thing never changes, and thats how amazing she looks in a Zac Posen gown. 

I mean how stunning did she look for the New Yorkers for Children Gala?

 Michelle Harper and the Brant brothers? YES (I’m in no way obsessed with these people I swear). And then of course that unrecognizable person in the corner is Crystal Renn, what’s your opinion on her? I liked her new slimed down persona, but then she went blonde.... it was over for me at the moment in time, DO NOT LIKE!

P.S. Last picture from Coco Rochas Instagram

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