Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay

Today while browsing through an article on Fashionista, the name Cassius Clay came up, I would have ignored it if it weren't for the wonderful information found in the brackets after his name which stated: [that would be Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay, Kanye's teen wunderkind stylist] of course I need to know more.

Apparently this all happened back in like 2010 or some year that looks million years away from today (yeah I'm really late). What happened was that Cassius Clay, an everyday blue blooded American descendant from American royalty was shopping at Barneys and while he was shopping Kanye West randomly spotted him and fell in love with his slippers that were embossed with gold crests. The rapper loved them so much he actually went up to him and complemented him on his style.

They traded information and from there blossomed a friendship, you know e mails and such things were being sent daily or every other day, and one day Kanye asked Cassius to drop out of Yale and to go work for him as part of his fashion team. Cassius then accepted the offer and went off to integrate part of Kanye's fabulous world.

Umm yeah that is a real story. (No its not .... yes it is)

What is this stylish/enviably lucky person doing at this moment in time? He is back at Yale in the process of completing a simultaneous bachelor’s and master’s degree, both in Art History (yay for being smart). 

If you had no idea who this guy is then here is a picture to put a face to that magnificent story.

P.S. Picture from Opening Ceremony

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