Comfortable Never Means Sloppy

I was compelled to address an article in Vogue's April issue written by Elisabeth Von Thurn Und Taxis (she is a princess people, like for real) the article touches on the subject of what to wear when you are going to travel, but I just decided to generalize the whole thing (oh yeah). She starts the article off by quoting her stylish grandmother who said "when a lady leaves her house, she must look the part. You never know whom you might meet, even when out buying a quart of milk." And I must say I completely and totally agree.

I think oftentimes when people think comfortable they automatically think sloppy too, and that should never EVAH be the case. I mean why cant you wear some jeans and some like amazing boots or flats that are easy to take off and put back on, you don't have to wear leggings with flip flops and a giant t shirt while you're walking through the airport. I know that most people don't want to wear a gown while on a 12 hour flight, but I mean how can someone just completely not care? The fact that some people don't even try says tons about them. Fashion is everywhere and you can get inspired by anything so why would the day you are taking a flight be any different?

Anna Dello Russo said it best, when you get comfortable you don't get the look. I think she says that because when people get comfortable they tend to get sloppy and simply start not caring and its a slippery slope I mean next thing you know you are leaving your house without even brushing your hair because you are to lazy to do so or something like that.

Moral of this post: Always at least try to look your best it doesn't matter when or where just do it. Don't let the lazy "I love to wear sweatpants everywhere" person inside of you take control! (I don't have multiple personalities I swear)

P.S. How amazing is that Young Adult picture? You know you have seen people like this on the street its quite sad/disturbing I tend to run away from them. #truestory

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