Chanel Cruise 2013

What to say about this collection? Well there was bit of everything in it, there were things that killed me (in a good way) things that I hated and then there were things that were rather forgettable.

Side Bar: Kudos to Karl for choosing Cara Delevigne to start the show. LOVE HER!

Karl Lagerfeld said that he wanted to accentuate the frivolity of the 18th century and modernize it a bit, which I think he completely managed to do. "Frivolity is a healthy attitude," he said after the show. "I know people who were saved by frivolity."

 Although this collection was sort of all over the place and I undeniably hated the creepers in the show I must say that most of the girly cocktail dresses were complete perfection, I can totally see a 21 century Marie Antoinette strolling about Versailles with her entourage of Chanel clad girls following behind in many of the jackets and dresses that were shown in this collection.

There are very mixed reviews regarding this collection from complete disgust to loving obsession, what do you think? Love or no love?

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