Counterfeit or Killer

One thing that I am sort of a maniac about are heels .. and I really don't know why .. I am a guy .. and have never worn heels really .. so I don't know why .. it just really gets to me when I see something like this  -------------------------------------------------------------------->
the show or whatever it is ... is hideous i know .. but I am trying to make a point what is that exactly ??? I mean ok .. I think wedges are super cool .. and they are wedges .. so whatever ... but this .. my sister did not really like heels .. she still does not .. but I have gone to like 3 parties when I see girls wearing this !!! WHAT IS THAT ?!?!?!? ... if you are going to wear heels than wear heels .. and why are heels called heels ... oh right .. because they actually have heels !!! I do not know why this is such a hard concept to grasp sooo lets get thins straight

These are the types of shoes that are actually classified

High heels and/or Stilettos



And these are ???

Some people might call them low heels .. and ok sure .. but why would you ever want low heels ??? I mean they look just atrocious !!! To me they are like flats just that .. a tad bit uglier ... but  yet again my personal opinion .. if you love them .. well them have the confidence to rock them :) there are tons of things that my siblings hate that I wear .. but I think I look great .. and so I wear whatever I want to wear :) .. Wear whatever you want whenever you want if you feel great in what you are wearing ... AND REMEMBER .. Every single day is a fashion show .. and the world is your runway .... follow me for cheesy comments :)

BTW THIS GIRL KNOWS HER SHOES :) click right HERE to visit her blog

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