Milan FW Recap !!!

OMG Paris FW is basically here !! I am super excited .. but I wanted to go over what collections I personally loved from Milan FW ... there were tons of worldwide known brands during Milan FW ... and it was a FW that I really saw lots of trends that I loved ... I will be talking about each trend as i get to it .. but the ones I most saw were minimalism versus maximal ism .... and also just a lot a plain minimalism .. also we saw a lot of the 90s in these collections .... another trend I saw were that there were lots of uncovered backs, dresses that are short in the front and then have a long train in the back ... and also round sun glasses are coming back .. but now .. lets talk about what we are here to talk about the collections that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED !!! lets get started with a classic shall we ???   


The main color that we see in this collection is navy blue .... and while in Milan FW we saw tons of collections that really looked like a rainbow .... Mr.Armani decided to stick to one color which I think is great .. because navy blue is always going to be a great color on anybody :)

as you can see all the clothes are one color ... and one color only navy blue .. you can really tell how light the clothes are ... which is a great plus .. especially for summer .. and even though there are layers since the clothes are so light and breezy I am sure you will not melt in anything Mr. Armani sent down the runway ... during Milan FW .. really liked his colllection .. sorry for so much pics guys .. I just cant hide my love for clothes :p .. hopt you understand :)


Frida Giannini's inspiration for this collection was inspired by Morocco ... but not Morocco in itself it is as she said a celebration of who we are .. and what we do ... its more like north African culture seen from Gucci's perspective.

I like the fact that there is a lot of color in some .. but in others there are lots of very neutral colors such as beige .. and then there is black also .. I think it is a very flexible collection that many types of people can enjoy ... and that is really such a joy .. because everybody should own some GUCCI :) .. but yeah I really liked the collection ... and especially that stunning blue dress ... PERFECTION !!!


I liked this collection because it is very light and uses a lot of floral print ... she also uses some chiffon .... and I think that is exactly what spring is .... lots of beautiful flowers .. and nice breezy sunny weather :) awwww I start to smile just at the thought .. she also had a diversity of lengths she had very mini and then right down to the ankle .. which any of these looks would be good for a woman

you can see that her inspiration was very natural ... and the attitude of the whole thing is just really laid back .. very easy going ... just like her chiffon evening gowns that were done in a pallet of dimmed pastels and the palest grays ... they were worn with Grecian sandals ... I like the fact that even these are nice clothes they are not taken to seriously .. and can be worn very casual


The only reason that FENDI is on this post is because of their amazing handbags .. and their incredible jewelry because OMG they just totally rocked .. I didn't really love the clothes so we are mostly going to see cool cuffs .. and some great handbags :)

SEE .. don't you just love them all ?!?!? so perfect I really love the handbags .. because they were made with contrasting colors and skin .. which make them that much cooler .. and the cuffs are just .. PERFECT .. no other way to describe them .. I am glad they chose FENDI as their name .. because Fs make such cool designs !!!!


of course you have to love VERSACE .. but I really liked this collection .. becuase for a long time .. VERSACE was very minimalistic .. of course in a very VERSACE way .. but it looks young and refreshing .. I also really like the colors .. because they are very varies they had colors like red, turquoise, and then they also had some neutrals .. that were white, beige, and a touch of black ... which I loved ... they also did not embellish it to much .. and as I said before is a nice breath of fresh air for VERSACE ... another thing that I loved about VERSACE was that it had a lot of back showing dresses which i think is a great trend for spring 2011

all the outfits that are above I totally feel in love with .. so I hope you like them :) I really liked it when Donnatella kept the top part short .. and you could see a bit of skin to when it got to the skirt ... also I thoiught it was very futuristic looking when she transparent or colored into the seams of the dresses


This collection actually came as a surprise to me .. becuase when I saw the first picture I just thought it was disgusting .. but I went through the collection any way .. thats how much i love you guys :) .. and OMG it was surprsingly really good .. what shocked me the most at first also was that this is a show that most editors would not miss .. and I know why ... so many surprises !!!

see at first when I saw like the leopard print ... and all the colors I was like EWWWW can we say tacky .. but I went through it .. and it had some great pieces .. and the ones I liked I put above :) and don't get me wrong I love color .. but with leopard print is a bit to much .. but that is just the thing that everybody loves about BLUMARINE .. another thing is that the clothes can be very casual ... very fun ... very laid back that is another aspect that I really liked about this collection.


At first when I looked at this collection I really did not like it .. but then like every where I went .. everybody was completely crazy about it ... and I thought to myself .. maybe there was something I didn't notice or .. I don't know .. because really everybody was saying it was their favorite in Milan FW .. so I went and looked at it again .. and I liked more things this time .. I don't know .. if I was influenced by what every one said .. although I do not love the whole collection .. but I do really like some things such as these

Basically for this collection Raf Simons was bored of going to parties and seeing girls in super mini dresses and in towering heels .. and therefore .. this collection was born with long and very voluminous dresses which really are not a giant turn off ... I have always liked new innovative things ... not like crazy without a purpose .. because that's just .. random .. but he did like a 360 spin on fashion .. because he actually had a reason ... which is always great .. the colors .. oh the colors are just great !! so many so bright .. ughh he hit the spot with those colors !!! you get a definite thumbs up from me Raf ... sorry it took me two looks at your collection and some research jijiji xD


Ok first off EMILIO is such a cool name !! just thought I would throw that out there :) ok .. PUCCI has always been known for its prints .. which have been great over the years and that is no different this year very cool prints and a trend that we have seen a lot in Milan FW .. and that we also see a ton in PUCCI is the dresses that are short in the front .. but then have a long train in the back .. and I think it is a great trend !!!

The colors of this collection are very islandy you have whites, deep blues, light browns, and blacks .. another aspect that I like about this collection is that when I think about it . it atomatically teleports me to greece ... I dont know why .. but that is what it reminds me of ... another thing that I like is that this collection is sort of bohimien .. but like an elegant bohimien ... I have not seen other collections that also have bathing suit on them .. so that is a great plus .. and did you see what I said above about the short at the front long at the back trend ;) PUCCI knows how to do it !!


Looking at the pics of this collection I found myself saying I LOVE IT to every single thing I saw .. I am only going to put up a few pics .... you guys know how hard this is for me .. because if not i would just put all 80 pics on here .. but that would be way to much for some people .. so I am only going to put a few of the maters pieces that DOLCE & GABBANA made for spring/summer 2011 ... and here it goes

OMG .. I only got 14 pics .. and I have like no idea how I did it !!! really this whole collection was amazing !! there was tons of white .. and tons of lace .. of all the ways that you can have lace .. and Cristal's  and ... and .. and so many things just makes thins one of my favorite collections in all of Milan FW for sure !!

I did have one more collection ready .. but I just think it is enough with what I have here ... maybe even to much .. but don't hate me for it .. I just really love fashion and want to express my love :) hope you guys like this .. mmmmmm some might think extensive .. and some might think small recap on Milan FW .. you can read my London FW Recap HERE BTW all the pics .. ALL of them are from vogue .. and you can go there HERE .... thanks vogue .. you guys rock !!!!

<3 Santi <3

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