London FW Recap :)

I know that we are on to Milan FW .. but I just want to recap on London FW .. and the collections that I absolutly loved !!! ok so lets get started .... oh and all the pics are thanks to VOGUE :)the first one is Burberry Prosum .. which is perfection in itself .... but this collection has so many great things !!!

I loved the studded jaket ... and the leopard print dress .. another thing was the bright colored hand bags which were also delicoius I really loved all the dresses and all the jakets ... the pics up top are some of my favorite outfits ...I thought the music selection was great and it was a great fashion show all and all :)

Another collection that i really liked was the collection of Jonathan Saunders .... this spring collection really REALLY represented spring to me it was nice and white with some bright colors but not all mixed together single solid starnds of color .... very preppy which I LOVE !!!


If you cant tell I LOVED this colection !!! I really really tried my best to just norrow the pics down to 6 .. but it was IMPOSSIBLE ... so I have13 for you .. and it was hard to not put like the whole colecction on here .. trust me....... I just hinkt that it represents exactly what summer is and it looked nice and proper and it was really simple ... and lady like .. and sort of preppy at times .. and ughhh speechless just completly speechless hats of to Jonathan Saunders :) Loved his spring colecction 2011


I dont know why .. but I love when people make femanine clothes .. but at the same time they look sort of manish or guyish if you will .. well this man made my dream come true and who is he .. ??? Pual Smith .. I had really never heard of him before .. but oh his spring collection is just ughh

See what I mean .. I think it looks very fltering on a woman I also really liked the double belt idea really good .. and all and all i think it is a superb collection and I hope tons of women decied to wear it .. and maybe it will be trend that everyone will be crazy about in the future :) Guys .. I am so sorry for the quality of the pics .. I have no idea what happned :/


 awwwww now on to one of my favorite desingers Matthew Wiliamson .. other than loving his last name I also love basically every single thing he desings ... now I read on many other websites .. that this sping collection was a sort of let down becuase he didnt do like full out spring and he wanted to sort of get away from it .. and think that is actually great .. I live in a plce where there are really no seasons .. it can be sunny one day .. and gray and raining the next .. so maybe full out summer or spring would not be so great here .. I think Matthew is a great desinger and I loved this collection just as I have loved all of his others ones ... I still <3 U MATTHEW :)

This is the CROWN JEWEL of the collection I think :)
As you can see i went all out i might have gotten lots of pics from the other ones .. but this by far was my fav collection ... as you can see maybe he did not use as much bright colors as others .. or had totally springish outfits .. but they are still perfection and .. lets not even talk about his dresses becuase OMG .... PERFECTION ..... and DELICIOUS are the only words that come to mind !!! PERFELICIOUS .. thats just the exact word to describe this collection ..... and again sorry for the quelity of the pics .. :S


I hope you liked my little recap on London FW .. I will probably do another one of these for Milan FW .. so look out for that .. and yeah .. if you like follow .. it is greatly appreciated :) .. and again ALL the pics are from VOGUE .. go there it rocks :)

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