Colombian Power !!!! :)

Nancy Gonzalez !!! is Colombian .. and also a great handbag desinger .. and I am super excited to the new Nancy Gonzalez 2011 handbags !!! This year Nancy is offering calssic bags with a sotr of twist for example she added multi layered flaps and exterior pockets to the line up ... but they still look very nancy and ... stilll very wearble and look great !!!  She has lots of nuetral colors this season .. which is great becuase everybody is going color crazy this spring .. and sometimes its nice to have some nuetrals in your closet .... but .. lets not forget that she is colombian ;) and therefore she also has some very bright and colorful handbags also ... and the thing I most was in awwww over was her great ipad covers !!! OMG PERFECTION !!!

These are some pics of the 2011 handbags I could find .. and the ipad covers are at the bottom !!!


I hope you like the handbags .. I am super proud of her .. and the fact that she is Colombian .. YaY ... but I cannot stop obssesing over those ipad covers !!!! I think I might actually go buy an ipad just so I actually have a reason to have a Nacy gonzalez ipad cover jijiji xD

BTW ... all pics are from HERE  ..... really good bag blog :)

<3 Santi <3

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