OMG .... what a perfect combination

Two brands of  foot wear .. that I had never really thought about putting together .. but when they eventually did merge into one .. the outcome .. was PERFELICIOUS !!!! Jimmy Choo and UGG Australia teamed up a made fabulous looking shoes !!! there is a range ... and weather you like crazy leopard print .. or want to stick to the original sheep skin UGG with a twist ... The collaboration really captures the best of both brands the comfort of UGG and the spirit and great taste of Jimmy Choo .. here are some of my favorite pieces from this capsule collection

Don't they just rock ?!?!?  they look great and you are still comfortable .. just that you look a lot .. lot better :) .. thank you UGGS Australia .. and Jimmy Choo for making this combination that no one had really thought about a dream come true !!! there are others I just put up the ones that I really liked .. but you can go check them out HERE .. and please do ... I encourage you to !!! you will never see your normal UGGS in the same light .. oh trust me on this one .. my sister saw this .. and she totally wants a pair ;) 

<3 Santi <3

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