Getting Longer .. and Lower at the same time !!!

How can something get longer .. but lower at the same time ??? .. well thats fashion ... it used to be super short skirts .. or shift dresses or minis and stuff like that .. but nope .. not anymore skirts are getting longer .. much longer .. and I actually like it .. I mean it is winter so why not .. that way you will not freeze to death .. and you don't have to go to the gym as much so your legs look great .. the other trend that is going on .. not so much during winter .. but I saw a lot of it during these Summer/Spring collections ... the KITTEN HEEL .. I think I have written like two posts already of how much I hate it .. I love the towering high heels .. I think they are so hot !!! .. but people are starting to look at them as trashy and out of style .. I still like them .. but who knows maybe in the future .. I will be influenced by the masses .. and start to love kitten heels .. but as of now .. those are two things that I have noticed changed a ton from last year .. here are some examples that I found

pic by Vogue

pic by Vogue
pic by Vogue
pic by vogue


Times are changing .. and some changes are for better and some .. ughh who knows .. maybe for worse .. and maybe for better .. we will just have to keep on seeing

<3 Santi <3

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