Its finally here !!!

today ... as I looked out my window .. I finally realized FALL is finally upon us .. now I have to say I am such a summer person .. I am not saying I hate fall and winter .. because it is nice to layer up .. and look in your closet and see what you are going to come up with to wear that certain day .. I live in a country where we do not really have seasons .. but it still gets sort of chilly and gray .. and rains a lot !!!! so since fall is finally here .. and I say finally because it had not felt like it was really here yet .. I am going to talk about some jackets that I am in LOVE with for Fall/Winter 2010 the first one is the AVIATOR JACKET

as you can see it is really a great look for either guys or girls .. you are going to look great .. and NOT get cold while you are doing it !!! I want to buy one so badly !!! I think it is an essential jacket for this Fall/Winter 2010 ... I hope you agree .. and go out and buy one like RIGHT NOW if you have not done so yet ... another jacket that I am dying for right now is a camel trench coat .... really any trench .. but I am in love with camel !!!

 Another reason i like camel so much .. is because ... I love the contrast between Fall and Spring .. and for Spring 2011 designers went color crazy ... but fall was a very neutral season .. so that is another reason why I love the camel trench ... and yet again it could be a guy or girl look .. even though you probably don't believe me .. because there are only girl pics xD .. sorry the only pics I found of guys were tiny .. and when I tried to make them bigger they got DISGUSTING and PIXELED .. so yeah ... I hope you like my Fall obsessions .. and tell me what are some of your Fall must haves  !!! :)

<3 Santi <3

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