Paris FW Recap 2

If you have not read part ONE than go there and read that first ;)

OK so going on with my favorite from Paris FW the next one is ..... drum roll ... Nina Ricci !!!

Nina Ricci

I just looked at the first pic from this collection ..and feel in love with it .. I am glad that Peter Copping really went back to what Nina Ricci is all about about celebrating femininity ... and just really the powder pinks and all those nice ruffles out

I really did like the collection .. I glad that the femininity was  a very big this in this collection .. because some designers like to put like that women in menswear .. which I think looks awesome ... but I am also glad that we are not losing that infatuating with celebrating womanhood :)


I liked this collection ... because it just reminds us .. (or at least me) that fashion is supposed to be FUN !!! you can pair some ripped bleached jeans with some pumps ... and a holey shirt .. and be ready .. this collection was very punk .... there were ripped jeans .. leather studded jackets .. fishnet stalkings .. so many things that you would not consider wearing for a normal day ... but Balmain made it WORK !!

This collection is very DIY .. so you might ask yourself .. why go out and spend my money on something that I can make .. well then make it :) ... if a designer inspires you and you want something that they made .. but don't have the money .. or you think that you can make .. well then go ahead fashion is not really about brands .. it about expressing yourself ... so try to make your own leather studded jacket .. you could find the designer in you ;)


BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION .. Jean Paul Gautier .. knows how to do it .. he used the brands equestrian pedigree in his favor ...and it was just breath taking the models all had broad brimmed hats and the perfect riding boots !!!

as you can see .. the whole equestrian thing is very noticeable .. but i really like it .. and it fits in perfectly into the brands history .. the high wait pants were a giant plus for me .. i love them !! another plus were the hats .. and those riding boots ... PERFELICIOUS !!!

Alexander McQueen

well first of all .. its very sad the Mr. McQueen is no longer with us .. but his understudy .. did a great job... this collection was magnificent ... It was really stunning ... it was very Alexander McQueen .. but at the same time .. you can see that the designer added some of her ideas too .. I thought it was a great collection .. all and all

I loved it !! it was my last post .. so I just put more pics than in all the other ones .. definitely one of my favorite collections of Paris FW .. I have loved Alexander McQueen ever since his armadillo shoes .. just lovely

I am finally done with my second Paris FW post .. so sorry it took super long .. you can read the first part HERE

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