the king of cluthces

Roger Vivier's pilgrim clutch under went some changes ... and ended up being this !!! this amazing and colorful clutch ... that to say the truth I like a lot more than his original pilgrim clutch ... the cluth is covored in scoubidou which if you dont know is a is a plaiting and knotting craft, originally aimed at children ... it originated in France .. and that is why Bruno Frisoni ...... Roger Vivier's creative director says it reminds him of when he was small and went on vacations ... going back to the clutch ... it is all covred in Scoubidou except for the buckle that is decorated with diamanté .. it is a fun bag .. that can still be classy .. and can also make you feel young again .. well if you ever lived in France as a child xD .. all in all amazing clutch .. I am in love with it !!!

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