I am ADDICTED !!!!

I officially consider myself an addict as of now to a website that I had already been to .. and I had already seen .. see the thing is that a friend of mine entered a Victoria Secret contest on this website .. and I voted for her like a billion times .. and she made the collage on this website so I went there .. but I was not super into it .. and today I was on Stumble Upon .. which is a great way to get traffic to your blog by the way .... but going back to the topic ... I randomly stumbled upon this POLYVORE !!!!! It is so awesome you can go on there and just mix and match clothes from your favorite store .. and make a collage .... I just love it ... so many ideas rush in and out of my mind !!!! it really is an awesome way to make a very cool collage and just to have fun with when you are terribly bored :)

Here is the latest collage that I have made .. it is for a Gap contest :) you guys can vote for me HERE .. where it says like ... it would be greatly appreciated if you did :) thanks

Smythe Short wool military jacket
550 GBP - brownsfashion.com
Military jacket »
Olive Nubuck BF
$295 - rebeccaminkoff.com
Rebecca Minkoff handbags »
Μulti Bronze Peace Bangles
$159 - pret-a-beaute.com
Bronze jewelry »
Rundt uld tørklæde
500 DKK - youheshe.com
Army t shirt »
Hector classic oxford | Banana Republic
$120 - bananarepublic.gap.com

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