Totally Tubular

I was browsing through Vogue Spain ... when I came across something that just totally grabbed my attention ... it was a ring .. but not just and ordinary ring a ring that had tubes on it .. and I thought it looked very out there yet very classic at the same time .. sort of had a 3D effect .. so I had to investigate and what I found out is that the brand behind this newsworthy artifact was Luby & Lemerald I had never heard about them .. so once again I investigated a tad bit more .... although I didn't find a lot .... I found out that it is a jewelry firm which is composed of two people Laura Ponte a Spanish model and Luis Feliu de la Peña they have had a short time in the jewelry biz ... but have created very iconic pieces in that short time here are some pics from their 2010 collection that I found were breath taking

This 2010 collection is named The Tube ... for obvious reasons ... Luby & Lemerald have managed to really go past the boundaries of architecture making these ionic pieces ... these pieces have gems such as onyx, carnelian, jasper red, green aventurine, tiger's eye and lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. It is a great work of art .. and I would totally go out and buy some if i knew where to jiji xD

BTW all pics from VOGUE

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