Fashion Spotlight

I have already done one other Fashion Spotlight .. and it is about Anna Dello Russo .. and how I just love her sense of style ...and how fun she is with it you can read that one HERE ...... but lately I have been noticing somebody else somebody younger and that for being so young she has a definite sense of style .. and I think that is wonderful because usually when you are smaller your parents help you decide what to wear or you are still in your I only wear pink if you are a girl or I only wear red if you are a boy or something like that .... Well not this girl she is nine and she knows what she likes and what she does not ... her name ... Willow Camille Reign Smith daughter of actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett... here are some of my favorite outfits that she has worn

I just think that she has such a great sense of fashion for being so young ... she is also an actress and a singer .. I am in LOVE with her new song whip your hair .. you can hear it HERE ... I see great things for this girl !!!!

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