Paris FW Recap

OMG it is over !!! the most fashionable month of the whole year is over .. and it ended in the right place PARIS !!! I have been waiting forever to write about it ..... since Paris FW is a tad bit long and has so many shows .. I am actually going to divide it .. and this is going to be part ONE of the recap ... because if you have not seen my Milan FW recap you can do so by clicking HERE ... and if you thought that one was long .. if I don't split Paris FW up .. it is going to be even longer .. so buckle up .. because here we go into the great world of fashion with the luxurious taste of the French ;) I am going to discuss the ones that i really truly liked ... the first one is Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

I did really love this collection .. it was very classic YSL .. but without so many colors and they really brought the embellishment down to minimum .... I did like the fact that it did not have so many colors .. because other brands such as Prada for example went crazy with color ... and YSL really kept it nice and neat with the colors .. I have to admit that I did not fall in love with the ruffles on some dresses .. but on others such as on a jade chiffon dress that the top was sort of See threw .... the ruffles added so much to it .. my favorite outfit with out a dought has to be the last one .. a black jumpsuit with a long skirt and a multitude of thick black straps sweeping over the shoulders ... it looked perfect .. like someone should have jumped on the runway .. ripped off the model and ran off with it jijiji ... or maybe that would have just been me xD


 as you can see it is a beautiful collection .. I really liked the makeup because it was very classic .. just like the collection .. it was very classic YSL


I liked this collection very minimalistic .... and it looked alike all the girls were going off to a dance rehearsal .. I really liked the sheerness of the skirts ... and the colors also which were mainly flesh tones, white, black, and a tannish rose

very clean .. which is a really big plus for me .. some people did not really like this collection .. for its lack of say accessories .. but I dont actually i think it is a great collection and i think that the designer did a great job keeping it very to the point


This collection defined the length of the hem .. which is great .. because I love diversity .. I love when girls wear up to the ankle dresses .. but short has not gone away totally .. at least for me .. one thing that I did not like were the shoes that the brand offered in this collection ... kitten heels ... and ughh I can just not get used to that idea it will take some time for me to start actually thinking about liking those things

Once again very short .. well not very short .. but shorter than most of the designers are making things these days ... I also loved all the purses very womanly with streaks of neon colors .. reminded me of Miu Miu in a way .. a good way :)


This is the Dolce & Gabbana of Milan FW .. but in Paris FW .. I looked at the pics of the fashion show .. and just could not stop saying "Love It" I just loved almost every single piece that went down the runway !!! sorry if I like totally go over bored on the pics for this one .. but OMG how could you not . it is just perfection .. like the collections should be called perfect spring .. because it really did represent spring in every way

I really loved this collection .. it just reminds me ... why it is that I love fashion so very much ... because you can express yourself  ..... Lanvin gives us options .. if you want to wear super long dresses than do so .. and if you want to wear short ones .. you can do that too .. he had flats and sandals .. and sky high heels ... I just thought this collection was great !!!

you can read the second part to this HERE
so that was part ONE of my Paris FW Recap .. hope you liked it ;) .. all pics are from VOGUE

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