What are these things called silly bands that are making the whole world crazy ??? They are a band of silicone rubber bands formed into shapes including animals, objects, and letters. They are distributed by BCP Imports and are normally worn as bracelets, and well I really didnt know much about them either until this year .. and well at first I didnt really like them .. and I thought they were just stupid .. but now .. I dont know why .. I LOVE THEM !!! me and my sister bought a whole bag of them I have a a yellow teddy bear right now .. and also a #1 .. but I have others I trade on and off according to my outfit xD .. mostly kids wear them .. but I just think they are super cool .. and BTW a great distraction if you ever get bored :) .... A plus is that there are so many that no matter what you like .. there will always be a type of silly band that you will like .. PROMISE !!!

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