Looks that will make you DROP !!!

I was on LookBook today just randomly going through it like I always do .. and then it just came to me that I should put the outfits I really like on my blog .. and so I did .. you know how impulsive I am .. so I decided to stick to a certain number and not go like through all of LookBook seeing which ones to get .. because OMG I would have about a billion pics here .. and also I wanted you guys to get a feel for what it is that I like .. I am very versatile person when it comes to style the only rule that I have is that if you think that you look good in it wear it .. I will be putting up some actual pics of the outfit posts so you see what it is that I have in my closet .... I think I will put one up tomorrow .... because I fell in love with the outfit I wore yesterday ... so I hope you like the pics I have chosen ... and have a great day ... oh and all the pics are from LookBook ... follow if you like :)

<3 Santi <3

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