CHANGE .... Good or bad ???

I have been watching the IFB Conference .. And they have just really opened my eyes to so .. so many things .. But the thing that has really been getting to me .. is.. The fact that they always spoke about the importance of having your own voice and your own point of view .. and I do .. I mean I put things on my blog because I like them . not because ... someone makes me put them on here ... but I mean my blog’s name is random fashion .. And I would like to narrow it a bit more..not make it so random .. So that people understand what I like … and so that I know what my readers want and like .. So I am going to tell you what I like .. I really do love fashion ... Most of the time that I am on the computer I am looking things up for my blog .. And I just always want to know more and more ... I am 16 years old right now ... wishing to become an editor at Vogue one day !!! and I want my blog to be about things that I like ... and that my readers can relate to it .. because they followed my blog because they like what I like … and what I like is very well tailored things I like to layer ... but at the same time I am not Tavi Gevinson .. I will not put on a bunch of things .. because well that’s not my style .. I like Filippo Fiora’s style .. And Chiara Ferragni, and Andy Torres most of the time .. Those are styles that I love ... I also love how Bryanboy looks when he wears certain things .. but that works for him .. Just not for me .. Again I love it ... I would just never wear it .. If it makes any sense xD ... I love couture and wish I could go to all the fashion weeks and feel the clothing be in the same room with Anna Wintour or Anna Dello Russo ... Don’t get me wrong .. I don’t think just because it isn’t couture its like disgusting or anything ...... just that I dream of being able to do all these things ... another thing I want to touch on is feedback ... tell me what you think do you like the idea .. Should I try it ??? I really do need your help !!! :)


  1. What makes someone a fashion expert is exactly that driven and passion you born with, is not something that you discover "on the way"

    You'll be a big one Santi, remember my words!



  2. Santi, your blog is called random fashion but it does not mean your blog doesn't have its own voice. Your very passionate and I am sure one day you will get there! Your very young!

  3. Santi,
    I totally understand how excited you are about fashion that you want to know everything and do all the fun things and have the glam job at Vogue.What works for me is to gain as much knowledge as possible..I go to the library and read fashion books related to history, design, fabric,color,culture..etc. You name it Im reading about it. Its important to be knowledgable about your passion, A alot of people can "dress" but everyone cant style or edit. The more you learn the clearer your own style and concept will evolve. Im sure you will get inspired from the more you know, then you can put your own touch on it and have your own the next kid will try and channel the 'Santi' style! Take it one day at a time, study, network, volunteer for fashion shows, intern, and be open to possibilities(even if its not what you had in mind, you never know where it will take you) Your on the right path to fulfilling your dreams :)

  4. I don't think you necessarily have to narrow your focus as long as you believe in what you're putting on your blog, and you're being true to yourself. You just need to make sure that everything you post speaks to who you are. As for a career in fashion - if you have this much passion for it, I don't doubt you'll be successful. On thing I would say is study. Study what's going on now in fashion, but study the past as well. And not just fashion, but movies, music, etc - they're all art forms that influence each other and a knowledge of them all will help you reach your goals.

  5. Thank you all .. I dedcided that I dont have to change :) ... I have my own voice .. I dont have to change everything just so people can see that ... thanks so much !!! :)

  6. If you think you can change for better then do it but do it for yourself, not for other people. sometimes you have to change the title of your blog to feel ok..sometimes you don't need to change anything. Do what you feel like*

  7. I think there is thousands of bloggers out there and each has different style. You don't have to be somebody else to be successful. Just be urself and do whatever you like.
    That's all that matters.
    That's the ultimate happiness.
    Good Luck!


  8. Hi Santi,
    You have so many years ahead of you and if you put in the hard work, you can get somewhere in the industry.
    If you express your voice loud & clear, you will be heard.
    Your blog gets more comments than my blog anyways so that's a start! :P
    Btw I met Chiara & Andy in NY - not only do they have amazing style but they are quite humble.

    All the best,


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