NYFW Blogger Conference ... Evolving Influence

Watch live streaming video from ifbconference at livestream.com

You guys can watch the conference live as it goes on !!! I know exciting .. Below is some info on the conference .. Hope you like it :) 

"Please join us for this landmark event as for the first time ever a major fashion week will be hosting a blogger conference of this magnitude.
In the last year, bloggers have launched their careers into the stratosphere. From making rent, to traveling the world, now it’s possible more than ever to live your dreams as a professional blogger. But what do you do once you’re there or almost there? How do you build relationships with brands without losing your cred with your beloved readers? How do you create unique content without stepping on other blogger’s toes? How do you set up your business, get noticed by the media… Evolving Influence will cover it all."

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  1. we were there! it was a good event for sure!


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