Have a Long and Flowing Spring

  Since spring is finally here (YaY) although well, where I live its usually sunny, we don’t really have "seasons", it’s usually sunny and if not is raining which kind of sucks. But since in the other parts of the world spring is finally here ... This post is dedicated to the dresses I would so desperately love to see woman wearing during this Spring/Summer season. I want to see dresses like the ones that you can see above dresses that are sheer and light and flowing in the wind ughhh it just seems so perfect !!! I seriously have a scene in my head as I write this post, where a woman is wearing one of those amazing Emilio Pucci dresses and the wind is blowing and the dresses is waving around in the wind and so is the woman’s hair and she is barefoot, and walking around the beach …. Ughhh perfect !!! (I know I let my imagination run free sometimes xD)I also know that there are some Fall/Winter dresses in there, but they are perfect for hot weather I think. Ughhh as much as I do love layering I have to say I also love seeing these dresses on woman, they look like total goddess' !!! 

P.S. Since it is Spring please remember to have FUN with colors … color blocking can be so amazing during Spring/Summer :)

Traducciòn: Como ya llego la primavera (yay) aunque, donde yo vivo por lo general hace sol, en realidad no tenemos "estaciones", casi siempre los días son soleados y si no, son lluviosos, que apesta un poco. Pero como en otras partes del mundo la primavera ya llego ... Por eso este post está dedicado a los vestidos que quiero ver  que las mujeres se pongan en esta temporada de Primavera/Verano. Quiero ver vestidos como los que se puede ver arriba los vestidos que parecen que no pesaran nada y que sean súper vaporosos y medio transparentes algunos, y que se muevan en el viento ughhh me parecen tan perfectos !!! ¡Enserio tengouna escena en mi cabeza mientras escribo este post, donde una mujer está usando uno de esos increíblesvestidos de Emilio Pucci y el viento está soplando y el vestido se mueve en el viento y también el cabello de la mujer y va descalza , paseando por la playa .... Ughhh perfecta !!! (Sé que a veces dejo que mi imaginación vuele libremente xD) también que hay algunos vestidos de Otoño/Invierno ahí, pero son perfectos para elclima caliente pienso yo. Ughhh tanto como gustan las capas tengo que decir que también encanta ver estosvestidos en las mujeres, se ven como diosas totales !!!
  P.D. Ya que es primavera por favor recuerden en DIVERTRISE con los colores ... Las combinaciones de colores pueden ser tan sorprendentes durante la Primavera/Verano:)


  1. hey sweetie, just read ur message. I'm glad u liked my blog, because urs is lovely :) i'm following with bloglovin, please follow me back <3

  2. Love the looks from Gucci and Jason Wu. Great collections.
    xx Allie

  3. The Jason Wu collection was my favorite collection from NYFW !!! and those Guccis dresses are PERFECTION !!! Although I also really love the Emilio Pucci ones

  4. I really enjoyed this post. You write about this topic very well. There are many cherished moments in life, why not wear a beautiful dress! When looking back on special memories of your child wearing a gorgeous dress, it will make a fond memory.


  5. I am super glad you liked it! I know it would be great to look back and remember wearing something as memorable as one of these dresses :)


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