Brad Goreski, Not Available in My Region

WTF! So of course I am all happy just looking through the blogs I follow and I see that Brad Goreski's new reality show has a promo so of course I click the fuck out out of the link, but wait whats this? UGH! All I get is a black screen that says "this video is NOT available in your region" what region is that? South America? The northern part of South America? or just Colombia? 

WHY!? BRAD WHY!? All I wanted to see was a little bit of what is going to go on in your fabulous new reality show, but no! why? oh because I live in a certain region that this video cant be played in because obviously if we see the promo for Brad's new reality show we are going to his house, force feed him drugs, make him our boy toy, and then kill him, wait what?

I kid I kid, but on a real note ugh it sucks that I cant see it, like not even on YouTube. Brad I love you hons, but really? really? People in my region are deprived of your promo. SUCKS!

Although all that said I probably wont miss an episode of Brads new show, that is unless it cant be seen in my certain region, then there will be an even LONGER post of my ranting and bickering, but I think that has been enough for today.

What region are you in? Can you see Brads promo? If so, is it good? or does his show look beyond boring?

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