No One Wishes to Work at Dior

WWD reports that negotiations between Marc Jacobs and Dior have come to a sudden halt. Although they could start up again at any moment it has been said that Dior is now looking at other designers as well such as Jason Wu, Raf Simons, and Alexander Wang! 

Jacobs had said that if he did take the job at Dior he would want to take his design team from Louis Vuitton leaving Vuitton with out much creative power, and Phoebe Philo which is the preferred replacement at Vuitton has reportedly said that she would much rather stay at Celine

I think that Marc Jacobs would do a marvelous job at Dior take it from its Galliano stage and give it something more take it to Dior's post Galliano age, but then again I think Jason Wu would be a more than perfect fit for Dior, and even Raf Simons I am sure would make Dior amazing. The only one I am questioning is Alexander Wang I am not sure he would be the best fit for Dior I mean I am sure they want something different, but wouldn't Alexander Wang be a tad bit to different?

Who do you think is the best match for this job that apparently nobody wants?

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