Making of Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Book

I weirdly could not care what I am wearing on my feet as long as my outfit is spectacular! I used to get really worried when I thought about this since most people say they look at a purse or a shoe or an accessory and build whatever it is they want to wear around that, but I never did since I mean I wear shoes that I like, but I am not a shoe fanatic. Yes I am that kid that wants to do EVERYTHING right; thankfully for my sake fashion doesn't have any actual rules!

Since I am not a shoe fanatic I didn’t really understand why people were so crazy about shoes that is until, I found out who Christian Louboutin was and what he did. I was left mesmerized over and over again staring at his creations and day dreaming of what to pair his breath taking heels with. He really is such a visionary and really wants to push the boundaries and innovate in a wonderful and sometimes not even wearable way. 

I saw the video for the making of his 20th anniversary sort of "hoorah" book, of course I had to read all the subtitles since I don’t speak nor read French, but it was worth it! He knows such interesting people! Such as Mika which I didn’t know spoke French. It’s a tad bit long, but you must go watch it! Below is the shortened version of the video if you can’t go see the other one I guess this one must suffice, but I do encourage you to see the full video I thought it was very informative and all around AMAZING!

Click HERE for the full video

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