Its the Details That Count

I do NOT understand what people did before the internet! I mean ughh my house doesn't have internet service at the moment all thanks to the wonderful people at my internet service place, I mean we changed services for a little while, and then we came back to our usual great service their internet service ROCKS their personal service is a whole other thing!

Therefore I have to come to my dads EFFING office to use internet, oh yes I was that desperate! I mean TV is such a bore! Plus I thankfully live in a place where everything is a about a billion years behind so I have already seen all the episodes on the internet. 

Now that I am done ranting about my internet problem I shall share with you some pictures I found that really show you just how important details are.

Its the small things that count dear who ever finds themselves reading this. The tiniest things can make the biggest difference in an outfit! ugh I cant get over that electric blue blazer and Kate Lanphear's amazing Louis Vuitton necklace! That collection is by far my favorite of all Louis Vuitton collections!

P.S. Pictures from Jak&Jill

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