Elle and Dakota Fanning, Golden Girls

I love sisters in fashion, and Dokota and Elle Fanning are definitively not an exception! I love them because they are so different and real, I mean Elle is all about fashion, and Dokota loves fashion as well just that you don't see her everywhere. I also love them because they seem like those sisters that have rooms across from each other and at times they might open the door and scream "I HATE YOU!" down the hall, but an hour later they will be laughing. (fyi If you were wondering yes my imagination is a wonderful place to live in.)

The Golden Girls cover W's December issue, and they have the most FAB-U-LOUS editorial its glamorous, sisterly, and cute all in one. Oh Fanning sisters how I love thou 

OK YOU MUST! MUST, go see the screen tests! If you think you love them, you will love them like a billion more times after you you see the screen tests they are so funny and down to earth, I must admit though Dokota I love Elle, but you are my GURL! HERE or HERE for screen tests

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