Bryan Boy's Everlasting Anecdotes

Everybody loves Bryan Boy or at least everybody should. When I first got into blogging I started to hear a lot about Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely, and I was super excited the first time I went to their blogs, but I was confused and surprised after browsing  through it because I didn't love it. I was confused, and didn't love their style, and was basically over it in about a second.

I actually immediately sent their blogs to the ignore pile of my blog list. Some time after I returned to Bryan's blog lord knows why, and I started to read some of his blog posts and found them to be honest, funny, and witty. I actually spent an embarrassing amount of time on his blog that day. Now I yearn to see new blog posts from both of them.

Today I was transported back to why I love Bryan Boy's blog so much. His personal everlasting anecdotes, their so funny, and honest. I actually love his stories more than the actual fashion on his blog which is actually quite amazing. 

So moral of this random post? Explore blogs before you totally write them off you might not like the sense of style of the author, but maybe he/she/they make you laugh or whatever. 

I leave you with Bryan Boy's anecdote.

OK I guess I DON'T leave you with you with the anecdote since I apparently can't copy and paste the story so I shall leave you with the link to his anecdote and to Rumi Neely's blog as well.

Bryan Boy's Story click HERE 

Rumi Neeli's Fashion Toast click HERE

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