Juan Colombian Talent

 I am all for indorsing and advertising national talent. The only problem with that is that many times there really isnt any that you would see becoming an internationally renouned brand or anything like that. Today while browsing through my lengthy blog roll I went to a Colombian blogger who lives in Zurich, and he had a post in which the title read "JUAN 2012 Talento Colombiano" excited, but doubtful if I would actually like it I click on it, and to my surprise it was a brand that actually has some amazing things. Its not life changing Chanel type of stuff, but its good, wearable, and the most importantly the thing, where I feel most Colombian designers fail is that its relatable for other people who don't live in Colombia or are Colombian.

I must say that I don't love the way it was styled, but when you look at the pieces by themselves then you notice they have potential. Well atleast I did.

What do you think? Do you like it?

By the way, and this has nothing to do with the clothes, but dont you love the models hair? or is that just me?

Click HERE to go to Juan's site. Its in english so fear not english speakers

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