A Truly Amazing Wardrobe

A Fashion industry vertan, stylist, former market editor of Haprpers Bazzar US, style consultant for the T.V. show sort of Sex and the Citish: Lipstick Jungle, named the Global Fashion director of W Hotels, and owner of the most amazing vintage Lanvin necklace along with a perefect Chanel Dress, and the most perfect Atlanta found Valentino shoes!

This person actually does exist even though she sounds like a fictional character from Gossip Girl or something of that sort. Her name, Amanda Ross, and The Coveteur got to go through some of her most amazing belongings. And I loved them ALL (well most of them)

Usually when someone is described to you, you immediately get a picture of what they look like, dress like, and what they own. The down side to this is that sometimes on The Coveteur they describe this person who has an amazing job in the fashion biz, and when they go through their stuff its quite boring, but this woman Amanda Ross ...TOTALLY LIVES UP TO HER DESCRIPTION!

If you thought her belongings were amazing you must go read the whole article where she tells small stories such as where she wore that amazing Chanel dress or why she had to have those Valentino shoes. If you didn't think her belongings were amazing well you pretty much just suck. I kid ... I kid, but you might be blind.

Click HERE for the whole article

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