I Want/Lust Some ...

The first picture is from Elin Kilng's blog "Style by Kling", she posted that picture some time ago, and as soon as I saw those loafers I fell in love! They are amazing, today I felt such an urge to posses some just like those or like the ones under that picture which are actually taken from an editorial from the latest issue of GQ Germany (I just cropped everything else out, except for the loafers, because they are that perfect!). No matter where they from the point is ... I WANT LOAFERS! 

P.S. Second picture from The Fashionisto


  1. I agree! I'm totally coveting loafers at the moment. I saw a girl in short shorts and blue suede loafers the other day and fell in love. A perfect mix of feminine with a masculine vibe.

    xxxx Mazzi


  2. I know they are so perfect !!! I went to Tommy Hilfiger yesterday, and I saw the perfect pair !!!

  3. Please follow my blog! I'm following yours! http://hermajestysglam.blogspot.com
    I love, love, love your blog!
    Love in Fashion,
    Kathryn Elizabeth


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