That Jonas Guy

I was browsing through the internet as I do daily, when I got to the GQ page, and I read something that made me laugh. It was an article whose heading read " We regret to inform you that ... Joe Jonas is stylish" after I got over how funny, and true that was I actually started thinking about that last pictures I had seen of this once super famous Jonas guy. (That was replaced by Justin Bieber ... I think) As I thought about it I actually realized that I agreed with that statement. Joe Jonas is stylish! I went through and picked out my favorite pictures which show how much his sense of style has matured. I think this all started when he cut his hair (thankfully), and now he doesn’t look like such a hot mess. He looks like a very cool and confident guy, a guy that can wear hot pink shirts, but paired with some jeans and kicks he looks GREAT ... ughh the magic of clothes! What do you think? Has he gotten more stylish or is he still a hot mess? Or do you not even care because he isn’t Justin Bieber. (lol .... Jk ... ohhh Bieber Fever why have you come back to haunt me ?!)


  1. i totally agree with you!when you hear someone say "Joe Jonas is stylish" you want to laugh in their face cuz it just sounds so ridiculous!but look at the pics u have here - he looks uber gq (ie stylish) in every single one of them!Justin who?!!Im ALL about THIS Jonas guy ;) (hottt!)
    love ur blog btw:)

  2. Thanks! you comment totally made my day lol! I know he looks so great! My favorite one is the denim jacket under the blazer it looks cool and casaula yet elegant.


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