Rain Rain Go Away

Its been raining a lot these days, (A LOT !!!!) in fact its raining right now as I write this post (well it was when I wrote this LAST WEEK). With all of this rain I realized I DONT HAVE ANY RAIN BOOTS! I had seen these certain rain boots before, and liked them, but I didnt really pay any attention to them. (I am not really a boot type of person) Now as I sit here and look around I really wish I had a pair of rain boots, but not just any pair a pair of Hunter rain boots! They are so amazing! I have seen them on blogs such as The Blond Salad and Atlantic Pacific. They come in so many colors, there is a perfect one for  everyone. Plus they have a Jimmy Choo 'Hunter' Rain Boot! Its that last picture, isnt it amazing?  I WANT SOME!

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