Anna Dello Russo for Macy's INC

Anything and I do really mean anything that Anna Dello Russo does I want/HAVE! to know everything about it, and I will usually LOVE IT! 

I had heard about something she was doing with Macy's INC, but I hadn’t really seen any pictures or anything like that well aside from a very very terribly blurry video. I was dying of curiosity for a few days, but alas days go by my life went on, and I totally forgot about it!

Today when I got on YouTube I saw about three videos that had to do with Anna Dello Russo and Macy's INC; and of course I watched them ALL! This one is my favorite so far, I can’t really say much about the collection since I have only seen bits and pieces.

 Don’t you just love her? Her passion for fashion really is jaw dropping, LOVE! 

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