J.Crew SS 2012

From what I can see really J Crew is sort of a small Zara, I mean they have amazing clothes that maybe a brand snob wouldn’t be like "oh yeah that’s right I am wearing J.Crew", but still the clothes are AMAZING! 

Once again, and I love this they have a women’s and a men’s show. Most brands do have women’s and men’s, but the men’s shows happen a lot earlier then the women’s shows I just think its easier to have them both near the same time if not at the same time a la Michel Kors so you don’t have to be like what was their menswear line like?

Just some last minute rambling I decided to get off my chest, back to my main point J.Crew smaller Zara great clothes LOTS OF COLOR! LOVE!


Amazing no?
P.S. Pictures from Style.com

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  1. If I could I would buy every single piece from the collection. I loved it!
    xx Allie


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